Windows Live! Essentials. What is the purpose of it?

Windows Live! Essentials, is a installer to install all the Live! products. What I do not understand is why do we have an application that sits in the system tray all day and take up system resources. It would be easier to have a web page to do all this then waste the Live! teams time programming and making this useless utility. Once the beta is done, I will be removing it from my systems. There is absolutely no use for it. If they want something for someone to find out the latest Live! stuff with download links, then put it on the web page with a ActiveX to see what is installed and to show what they can install and/or upgrade.

I much rather see Windows Live! Explorer 10 (I changed the name from MSN Explorer…) and have it run on IE 7, with the cool sidebar and have all the Live! products pulled in it with an option of which ones to install.

Get Liveside link, see about putting in info about signing in.

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