Windows Defender is out of Beta.

Windows Defender is now out of beta. Please update ASAP to get the latest version. Please note the beta version expired 12/31/06, so PLEASE do not let your anti-spyware expire! Still only runs on XP and Windows Server 2003.

Windows Live! OneCare 1.5 Beta Released!

  New features:– Updated interface that looks close to the standardized Windows Live! / Vista look– Windows Vista support. (Sorry, 32-bit only)– It now stays orange to you install a beta version of IE 7 RC1. (I think it should not happen to IE 7 goes gold)– Also stays orange if your phishing filter is turned off. I rather have this off to. I know who to detect phishing and do not want the potential overhead IE 7 uses.– You can have backup happen during tune-up or different schedules or to remind you– A VERY frequently asked feature, Network and … Continue reading Windows Live! OneCare 1.5 Beta Released!

Microsoft to Lock Pirates Out of Vista

Microsoft said Wednesday that it plans to clamp down hard on pirates of its next-generation operating systems, crippling both Windows Vista and Windows Server “Longhorn” if users fail to activate their copies within 30 days….