Review: Toshiba GigaBeat S

I will be posting (Check back for updates) what I like and my dislikes here about this product:


  • Pretty smooth interface, and is similar to Media Center ineterface.


  • Let the device sit for a few days, plugged in headphones device locked up, needed reboot and battery was low. Rebooted, not enough juice to use. Also, seemed to charge quickly, not sure if this is normal or the power meter reader is off.

  • Tends to crash frequently

  • I found 2 Christmas CD’s that were not ripped, so I ripped them and added them to the “Christmas” playlist. The albums went over fine, but the Christmas playlist only had the 2 new albums and lost all the the others. The laptop (Vista RC2, WMP11) has all the songs in the play list.

  • No touchpad

  • Too many buttons

  • When you turn off the device while listening to a song, when turning on song does not start so you have to hit play.

  • No way to see if there really is a firmware update. What do I do? Plug it in and run Windows Update?

  • Manual was not printed.

  • Lack of Codec support like Divx. (Hey, I am gonna rip movie DVD’ss and Simpson Episodes. (Since this Summer, I now am collecting all the seasons of The Simpsons. I will pay no more than $20 for a season, makes it slower to collect them, but I am working on one box and have 3 more to do. (Target has Season One for $20. I got the Maggie one for $20 too which was the latest one till tomorrow a new one comes out.))

  • No Podcasting

  • No DVD Ripper to device.(There are people like me who legally obtain music and movies.)

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