Get Vista upgrade, never pay full price


Get Vista upgrade, never pay full price

By Brian Livingston
Many people are upset by the fact that the economical, “upgrade” version of Vista won’t accept a Windows XP or Windows 2000 CD-ROM as proof of ownership. Vista Upgrade is said to install only to a hard disk that already has XP or 2000 already on it.

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  1. hello my name is matt i just recently installed windows vista i am having an issue. I got a windows anytime upgrade dvd cd and installed it, of coarse it wanted a product key, well i hadent actully puchased windows vista however it was still going to allow me to install it ,but some features would be unavilable, so i was like ok,”whats the worst that could happen “so i proceded with the install after i got it installed i realized that the windows vista aero interface was completely univailable ,i was like ok so i got my friends emachines reinstall disc and did a fresh install i figured this would fix the problem being it actual authentic software that came with his emachine ,seeing as i already have an emachine i should be fine right well not at all this did not fix my problem in fact my computer crashed pretty hardcore the other day ,but that is pretty much irrelivant to the fact , that i still have no aero feature .I have been online all over the place i went on the windows genuine website and validated my windows or so it said , i have registered my copy but to no avail ….hmmm what should i do now ,well ive checked the system requirments in which case i meet, i have 512 ram a 256 mb ATI radeon 9250 graphics card 2.0 gb intel celeron, but the one thing that gets me is in the windows vista computer rating module it rates my card as being a low 1.0 on the scale im curious if ,even though my card is 256 mb ,maybe it is too old im not sure i kow i should have a least 1 gb of ram ,in which case i have already ordered 2 gb ,but the question is will it solve the problem? I also had the idea that just because i installed a full version over the unregistered one ,it didnt necissarly make a difference ,in which case being it still thinks windows is not authentic.I thought well there is one last thing i could do i could some how completely wipe off my main drive and reistall the full version i have from scratch but would that solve the problem. i want to appologize if my qustion is just way too much , but im kinda frustrated at this point and im wondering if it would be easier if i just purchased a full version, please get back to me asap thanks so much . oh by the way my phone number is 208-293-7902 just in case it would be easier to communicate by phone .

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