Windows Vista Questions and Some Answers (Updated)

I have been helping with the lunch of Vista at a store. I have come across these questions and because these were not made clear, either hidden of fine print on the bottom of the box, I and everyone else is giving away bad advise. Once I get all of the answers, the store will be able to give good advise. Because some was assumed was the same with previous versions, and the lack of Microsoft informing the stores.

1. Does x64 version DVD come in the Vista Box?

No it does, not. You must pay a small shipping and handling fee. Interesting, have to pay more money for Windows…

2. Which version is the same as Windows XP Pro?

None! Vista Home Premium has most, but not Remote Desktop or Join a Windows Sever network (Domain). Vista Ultimate has it, but you get BitLocker too and the Extras, again your Cost is really high. The Business version allows you to do this, minus the entertainment stuff. Not many people are happy about having to get an Affordable Home Premium, or a expensive Ultimate.

3. What is required for a upgrade version?

Windows 2000 or XP only!

3.1 Can I do a Clean Install?

You need to have a previous version of WIndows installed for a clean install. Again, lots of people not happy about this. Here is a work around. At least for now.

 4. Does the Family Pricing work with Ultimate Upgrade? and how much?

No it does not. You need to get the full version. Price is $50 per PC up to 2 additional PC’s. (#4 I found off the web.)

Updated: 4/1/07 12:10p EST

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