GLITR – Wireless Oakland on schedule

 Hmmm. How come no Farmington / Farmington Hill, or Southfield as early adopters? This is great, another competitor besides a cable provider and AT&T for high speed Internet. Also, no longer have to worry if a cafe has free wifi or not, the free level 128kbs is plenty. Link to Great Lakes IT Report

GLITR – State fixes virus slowdown in computers

 Another fine reason to patch your Windows Installations. State of Michigan allowed 55,000 computers get infected with the Rinbot virus. Secretary of the State had to turn people away. Now I wonder if our fine state has a anti-virus / spyware solution and if it is up-to-date. Link to Great Lakes IT Report

Windows Live! News / My Personal website.

This is the time of year the Windows Live! / MSN team do not put out new prodcuts, so things have been slow. Just a note too, I recently found out that my navigation bar on is not working. I cannot even login with FrontPage to re-publish to fix it. I reset the FP Extentions and I guess the hosting provider server is going to do it at its convienve, not now. Happy Spring, and there should be more news beting posted here in the near future.

Windows OneCare Live 2.0 Beta Testing to Begin – News and Analysis by PC Magazine

Beta testing to start late April, and ship in Fall 2007 New Features: Wireless connection – Help setup secure WIFI connections. Printer Sharing Support – Help connect printers to the local network. Management of Startup Programs – Includes speed boot time by automatically detecting rarely used programs and removed them. Online Backup – Dedicated to photos and requires an additional fee. (Try for 2-3 gigs free space an download the desktop app to auto-backup. Unified Monitoring – You can track the security and maintenance status from any PC on the network. Unified Resolution – will let an administrator correct problems on other … Continue reading Windows OneCare Live 2.0 Beta Testing to Begin – News and Analysis by PC Magazine