ViewPoint Media Player now does shady spyware tatics.

I was reading the Great Lakes I.T. Report and saw a local company is doing a street level 3D map of Makinaw Island (Michigan) I installed ViewPoint to see it. This morning I un-locked my computer and saw a update for it. I did not read the update box, and trusted it. Sure enough it installed their toolbar which causes IE to crash everytime it closes, and when open suck the resources out of my PC. I went to end task IExplorer.exe cause it did not respond to the red X and it was using 128 megs or ram. I did remove the toolbar, but I wonder whatever spyware junk it would have installed later on along killing this PC, which has limited resources to begin with. (P-IV 2.8Ghz (Pentium D), 1 gig ram.) I highly suggest that no one every install their software again. Even if they do not install spyware now, they cannot be trusted now. Once someone goes shady / grey area, whats to stop them? Also note, AOL Client software installs their software so be sure to remove it after you install AOL 9.0.

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