Never again will I buy Movies off the Internet.

I think one I got for free and the other one was cheap. But this goes for the same if you paid full price and use AOL Videos


Dear Eric,
Thank you for being a customer of the AOL® Video store. We have an exciting update for you on our service: to continue to bring you an industry-leading purchase experience, we have partnered with®. Going forward,® will power our video download service.
What does this mean for you?

  • Videos you have already purchased from the AOL Video Store will stay on your computer, and continue to work on that computer as long as you want them.
  • If you don’t already have the version for use on portable devices, please download any you need today by going here. The portable device versions won’t be available for download after December 31, 2007.
  • If you want to transfer your video to any other computers, please do so today. You will not be able to move your video to other computers after December 31, 2007.
  • Through the® service, we are able to offer you even more titles for purchase and download, and more options, such as video rentals

We are substantially changing our service, so please note:

  • Going forward, to find the videos you already purchased, use these step-by-step instructions:
  1. Go to “My Documents” and click on “My Videos”
  2. Click on “AOL Video”
  3. The files ending in “.wmv” are your videos. Double click on the icons to watch your video anytime. If you need help, click here.

We hope you will continue to enjoy all AOL Video has to offer.
Thank you!
The AOL Video team
Amazon and are registered trademarks of, Inc. or its affiliates. AOL is a registered trademark of AOL LLC.


Ok, my PC crashes or I buy a new one. I will lose them forever. I assure you AOL and Amazon I will NEVER buy DRM content from you again!! Once again another service treats people who LEGALLY purchase their content like crap. Of course it would be two expensive to leave a few servers up to allow authentication and de-activation and re-activation of DRM Movies? I think not. These are greedy companies. Heck, why doesn’t Amazon take it over and AOL transfer their certificates and keys over. That’s right, it costs time and money. It is their problem and they make it mine. Now only if there were a way I could illegally remove my DRM protection on my WMV files I LEGALLY own to keep for ever. Another idea, allow us to remove the DRM legally from our purchased files.

I just thought of something! I am gonna write a complaint letter to the Attorney general!

7 thoughts on “Never again will I buy Movies off the Internet.

  1. It is not just AOL, it is who ever buys who or goes out of business. I have issues with my MSN Music WMA-DRM. But obtaining “Free” replacements in same high quality are quick and easy.

    Here are some WMA DRM Providers that went down:
    – MusicMatch bought by Yahoo! (You must install old MM software to get it to work)
    – MSN Music Gone. Lucky if you get it to work.
    – URGE by MSN and MTV MSN is now gone and MTV is moving to Real Raphsidy Servce.

    So the question is, is DRM a easy viable solution for people who want to be law abiding citizens?

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