Never again will I buy Movies off the Internet. (Part 2)

I just wanted to post my comment to the person who said I should not have used AOL:

It is not just AOL, it is who ever buys a company who or goes out of business or switch to a new DRM provder. I have issues with my MSN Music WMA-DRM. But obtaining “Free” replacements in same high quality are quick and easy.

Here are some WMA DRM Providers that went down:

– MusicMatch bought by Yahoo! (You must install old MM software to get it to work)
– MSN Music Gone. Lucky if you get it to work.
– URGE by MSN and MTV MSN is now gone and MTV is moving to Real Raphsidy Servce.

So the question is, is DRM a easy viable solution for people who want to be law abiding citizens?

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