Windows Defender is out of Beta.

Windows Defender is now out of beta. Please update ASAP to get the latest version. Please note the beta version expired 12/31/06, so PLEASE do not let your anti-spyware expire! Still only runs on XP and Windows Server 2003.

Windows Live! OneCare 1.5 Beta Released!

  New features:– Updated interface that looks close to the standardized Windows Live! / Vista look– Windows Vista support. (Sorry, 32-bit only)– It now stays orange to you install a beta version of IE 7 RC1. (I think it should not happen to IE 7 goes gold)– Also stays orange if your phishing filter is turned off. I rather have this off to. I know who to detect phishing and do not want the potential overhead IE 7 uses.– You can have backup happen during tune-up or different schedules or to remind you– A VERY frequently asked feature, Network and … Continue reading Windows Live! OneCare 1.5 Beta Released!

Microsoft Nabs Anti-Virus Ace from Symantec

Symantec did a great job with Norton products till they got very bloated. I am glad to see Microsoft pull a anti-virus pro from Symantec to work with OneCare and the corporate version in the near future.,1759,2004336,…

Adware Offers Bogus Security Apps

Newly discovered adware in the wild tries to dupe users into installing fake security applications. According to Panda Software’s PandaLabs, the adware program, ProtectionBar, warns users that their computers are infected with malware, and they must purchase a license for the “security app” to remove the bad code… Always best to stick with a known good program like: Microsoft Windows Defender (Free) Ad-Aware (Free & Paid) Spybot (Free (Donations Accepted)) Spy Sweeper (Paid. Can get good deal at Costco or free with MSN Premium & Dial-up, or cheap or free with promo sales.) These are … Continue reading Adware Offers Bogus Security Apps

AOL To Release WOC Competitor

Look to the bottom. Updated:AOL to enter security arena  

OneCare – Now Available at Retail!C29701F38A601141!1601.entry They released it sometime yesterday, is available today, but was supposed to be released tomorrow June 1rst. Congratulations WOC Team on releasing a superb product!

Windows Live! Safety Center releases update.

The visible changes I see are a Custom button for a custom scan under comprehensive scan and when you click on that there is a Custom button for the spyware checker which loads your drive tree to select drives/folders/files. I am sure there are more changes under the hood.