One in five buy their software via spam

One in five buy their software via spamYou probably weren’t expecting this       Usually when buying software via SPAM, you are buying pirated/bootleg software. None of the money goes back to the company. This is what pays the programmers and allows them to improve the software. You can report Microsoft Piracy to or Want to know if your license is valid? Go to I once bought off of Amazon Marketplace 2 CD’s which I thought were retail versions, but were bootleg ($10 a piece did not sound un-reasonable). They were not. I got to give me … Continue reading One in five buy their software via spam

Michigan State Parks to get Wifi.

I do not care for paid hot spots, but rather SBC install and up keep than the State of Michigan. They will have SBC’s Speedlink. Daily charge is $10 with other monthly options for all Speedlink locations. Now if someone goes to a state park, why would you need Wifi? I thought the point was to go see deer, bear, eagles, trees, lakes nature not websites. I vacation up north with my family without Internet and TV. Please slow down and take a break. 🙂 is using Phishing like activities.

I am a MSN Premium 9.0 user, which allows me an all access pass on I went to sign in to watch a game via Internet Explorer without being in MSN software. I went to pull up a live game and was told I need to enter a credit card for verification purposes and I will not be charged. I do not recall entering one as my access would be verified by MSN. So I close out, login to MLB via MSN 9.0 software and the same thing. Do you think that maybe they should use passport to verify … Continue reading is using Phishing like activities.