The State of Parental Controls and Instant Messaging.

   I was given the task to bolt down the boss’s son’s new computer I had pushed and pushed to get so he can do normal teen things. I thought this was going to be easy. But, I thought I would share my experience and a hole I found in doing so. The two programs I found that were from reputable companies and got good marks was NetNanny and k9 Web Protection. NetNanny seemed to be the best to cover almost everything. I had read some people were complaining it would crash and hose some peoples computers. Also seems it has … Continue reading The State of Parental Controls and Instant Messaging.

Announcing the All New Live Favorites!

What we’ve done: Redesigned Look & Feel – A much cleaner interface, easier to manage Full Screen Experience – No longer do you have to manage your favorites in one small area of the screen In-Line Preview – Preview your favorite web pages from within Live Favorites Browse by Tags – Not just for search, you can now see a list of your tags and browse by them Right-Click Enabled – Right-click any favorite to edit it’s properties Real-Time Search – Start typing a search and have your bookmarks filtered on the fly!!588B7D8358652DA8!253.entry refresh!!D4909E7F27E254E9!750.entry –          The new and improved first run experience o        best place to search using the new Windows Live Searcho        best place to grasp Windows Live as a wholeo        a great customizable homepage with the user at the center of their experience –          Improved user experience and features o        You’ll notice our hot new themes!o        Integrated experience for adding and managing your stuff (feeds and gadgets), drag and drop items right from that area on to your pageo        The much improved RSS reading experienceo        The much improved experience for ‘my stuff’ – try importing your OPML file!o        Pages!! §         Yes, … Continue reading refresh!

India Call Center Math / A little in-sight.

I was watching Good Morning America and found this interesting. To help the cope with us American’s since we tend to get mad at them more than a American call center. 35=10. A 35 year old has the brain of a 10 year old. Does this mean if us, as Americans just get angry, or does it apply if I call in, and instead of saying, go to the control panel, they slowly walk me through it? Also, they said American’s do get upset with them and sometimes they haver to put them on hold to take a rest and do … Continue reading India Call Center Math / A little in-sight.

Leak of Windows Live Messenger 8

As you may know the dogfood version of Windows Live Messenger (WLM) 8 is floating around the net. This version is for internal testing for Microsoft employees. (dogfood means the company beta tests their own product before releasing it to Microsoft / MSN‘s beta testers.) You cannot login to WLM, unless you have a passport ( account that is set by Microsoft / MSN as a WLM 8 beta account. There are programs out there to work around this, but there are known reports that some have viruses in them. I suggest waiting till the official beta starts. This way … Continue reading Leak of Windows Live Messenger 8

MSN Releases new Live! Service’s

Mail Beta (Kahuna) is now Windows Mail Live! Start is not Live!. MSN Messenger is now Windows Live Messenger. Microsoft is now merging their MSN line into Windows. I do not know if this is good or not, but I hope they do not change the MSN Beta Team / structure.