No Fix for Critical Windows 98, Me Flaw

Microsoft has encountered a critical vulnerability in Windows 98, 98 SE and Windows Me that it simply cannot fix, the company acknowledged Friday. The flaw affects Windows Explorer and after investigating the issue, Microsoft said it would need to reengineer a significant amount of the operating system. Note: Support is going to end July 11, 2007 for Win 98, ME

MSN Admits to Sharing Search Data I wish the other search companies like Google would stand up to the DOJ. This is not too prying now, but how far will it be pushed next time?

My MSN Premium 9 Subscription – MSN Radio Plus

I do not understand why Premium subscribers do not get Radio Plus for free. AOL for Broadband get full Radio@AOL, Sessions@AOL (Free high quality videos of artest doing a special performance in their studio), and also free full concerts, such as Hillary Duff, Hear a complete CD here and there, music videos. I understand that MSN Premium members get FULL access that AOL only gets audio. If you are into entertainment, AOL is the better choice. I hope that MSN gives MSN Radio Plus for free to Premium and hopfully Plus subscribers.

My MSN Premium 9 Subscription – MSN Ads

Sorry for letting the Blog go stale. I will try keep it more current. I truely enjoy my MSN Premium Subscription. I just do not understand why there has to be ads in MSN Messenger for a paid account. Even accessing mail via MSN Explorer or (logged in) ads are still all over the place. As many of you probably has tons of ads making it hard to read. Do I get less ads, better yet, none. Nope. Please MSN, remove the ads.