Fixes for Instant Messenger Related Problems

One of the most common problems seen on the Web boards and mailing lists are Instant Messenger related issues. How do you get them to work? How do you make them stop working? My solution is to remove the dreaded IM’ers from the users machines 🙂

However, if you want more information on how to get these things to work, check out:

Microsoft ISA Server Message Boards: Tips for msn,yahoo,kazaa:;f=14;t=000096

Lots of very useful tips and tricks there.


75 thoughts on “Fixes for Instant Messenger Related Problems

  1. Hi Shahzad,

    You need to configure the Hotmail and MSN sites for Direct Access. If you use the search feature at, and enter "Direct Access" in the Search box, you’ll find an article I did on the subject.



  2. Whenever I try to use iChat it asks for Aol Instant Messenger Login. Where do I get password?

    When I use iphoto it says I have no email account – how do I get one and why is it different from my aol or sbc email address?

    thanks Shahzad


  3. I have an imac and since about a week agao have not been able to sign into MSN. I have tried reinstalling the programme but it has made no diffenence. A pop up states: "MSN messenger service is unavailable or you may not be connected to the internet." My internet connected is in working order. Is there anything I can do?

    Thanks, Hannah

  4. I have been having problems logging onto Aim, Gaim. I am able to connect to AOL but when i do logon i am unable to access my buddy list or send an instant message. I am also able to connect to internet explorer and access my web mail via my IP service provider. When i try to access AIm it says: Connection lost. Check your internet connection. My internet connection is at excellent right now and has not gone below good all evening and like i said i am able to access the internet. Any suggestions?

  5. Dear Sir,

    I am using isa server but through isa server i can not login to msn and yahoo messanger.

    So please advise me what i have to do.

    Thanking you


  6. hello

    whenever i try to talk on msn messenger in an instant message box the person tryin 2 recieve what i say cannot see what i am typin

  7. I upgraded to Norton Internet Security 2005 last week. Ever since, MSN Messenger only periodically logs in and only then when I go to Tools/Options/Connections/Advanced Settings and click on the Test TCP Connections button.

    Every time that test says it successfully connected, but Messenger may not actually sign in.

    I see this on both computers I own.

    Messenger is now the only app I have this frustrating problem with. Ameritrade’s quote streamer was also acting up (they acknowledged the problem to me), but they may have finally fixed it because it seems to be working fine as of today.

    I was not having this problem with NIS 2004, so it only cropped up in the new version. I have explicitly granted a range of IP addresses in the firewall settings to coincide with those used by Messenger, but to no avail.

    Any ideas?

  8. I have been having problems with my instant messenger signing off and back on again all the time. There seems to be nothing wrong with the internet connection.

  9. Hi ,

    While trying to connect to Hotmail its opening but when i try to login it throws

    Due to current high demand, the page you are looking for cannot be delivered right now.
    Please click the Refresh button, or try again later.

    HTTP Error 408 / 409 – Not acceptable / Resource conflict
    Internet Explorer

    Im using ISA 2004 .

    Pls help me out of this so that I can use Hotmail…….


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