Unable to Start Debugging on the Server. You do not have permission to debug the server

Have you ever faced that error before?

I have started development lately on a Windows 2003 Standard Server, having both VS.NET 2003 and VS.NET 2005 installed.

I was trying to open a DotNetNuke project yesterday and got the error by VS.NET 2003:

Error while trying to run the project  : Unable to Start debugging on the web server. You do not have permissions to debug the server
Verify that you are a member of the ‘Debugger Users’ group on the server

I have Integrated Security on, Network Service, ASPNET, Administrator (Local Account), IUSR_MachineName accounts all added in the Debugger Users group.

Lately, I figured out after reading this document, How To Solve Debugger Problems

If you created the web project with a full machine name (like “machinename.domainname.something”), the web site is recognized as “Internet” site.
So the default setting of IE will impact on the behavior of log on. In this case, you need to enable logging on with your current user account in “Internet” area with IE setting.

But it is not the default setting of IE, so you’d be better off if you create project with only the machine name.


So, open the IE browser, go to –> Tools –> Internet Options –> Security –> Custom Level –> User Authentication –> Select Automatic Logon with current username/password


This will hopefully, fix your problem.



Want an Invitation for Windows Live Messneger 8.0?


I have been using Windows Live Mesesnger for a week or so. At first I felt myself *New In Town*, but now I am finding it nice and helpful too; especially that *Share Folder* thingy.

Here is the offer 😀

The first person (Who has not yet got an invitation ;)) who sends me an email asking for an invitation to get the New Live Messenger, will get it !!



Bit Column in SQL Server

In my work today, I faced a very weird thingy, here it is:

I was retreiving a bit column from the table whose default value is set to 0, and then using an SqlDataReader, and the weird thing is that I used:

1- (bool)reader[col]
2- Convert.ToBoolean(reader[col]])
3- reader.GetInt32(col)

Nothing worked but:

Convert.ToBoolean( Convert.ToByte( reader[col] ) )

Can anyone explain why that happened? I beleive, option #1 should work pretty simple.


Add NameSpaces in Web.Config

A new and cool feature in ASP.NET 2.0, that allows you to import default namespaces once in the Web.Config file, and then every ASPX page (Not Code-Behind) can see those imported namspaces. Here is a small code:

<?xml version=”1.0″?>
    <pages buffer=”true” maintainScrollPositionOnPostBack=”true”>
        <add namespace =”System.Web” />
        <add namespace=”System.Text”/>

Hope you liked that.