Microsoft has a WPF version of the DataGrid control outside its standard .NET Framework release 3.0+. This off-branch data grid is part of the WPF Toolkit maintained/released at CodePlex. However, a better one (in terms of features/ease of use, so far I have seen) is the Xceed XPF DataGrid Express Edition which has been around for quite sometime. It’s a free control (reg-ware) – but won’t be so after few weeks. If you want to explore its features, just take a look at their online demo (available via .xbap). Things I like about Xceed grid are its extreme rendering customization, multiple display styles (table, card, 3D & custom views) and theme-based eye-candy UI. It also supports standard grid features such as data editing, filtering, & grouping capabilities. And it allows exporting grid data to Excel (.xls) format – at least for now. Register yourself and download it from [Registered for the free Xceed DataGrid for WPF and there’s only 22 days left to do it.]