Just came across this and thought of sharing with everyone: http://www.codertools.com/css_help_guide/introducing_css.aspx Though this is not an exhaustive reference, it is good for those taking the first step in CSS or HTML.

Check it out.

Update: When digging my old bookmarks, I saw this gem: http://www.smashingmagazine.com/category/coding/. See the CSS & JavaScript sections for some challenging problems and solutions. I never knew I had this wonderful site in my bookmarks collection.

Yesterday was one of the most memorable days in my professional life!! As community contributors, we MVPs in and around Chennai (a.k.a. Madras) had an opportunity (can’t thank Abhi enough for this!!) to have a face-to-face discussion with none other than Microsoft’s Dev Tools Team senior VP Somasegar! Of course, Soma himself is a native of Chennai. I was so thrilled, excited, electrified (and add any more superlatives) to meet him and out of sheer excitement I chose to sit right next to him!! It was so amazing to see such a down-to-earth personality without the shadow of his corporate position or the company he works for. Being the first time to have a close meeting with a senior exec from Redmond, here are some of my observations on him; not sure if anyone has any different opinion:

  • Proud of what he and his team do (dev & designer tools)
  • Admits failures without hesitation
  • Listens to people, be it community folks like MVPs, customers and peers and takes feedback
  • A common characteristic I have noticed of Microsoft employees is that anything you ask them about they will either give you the up-to-date information or connect you to someone who can give you that information. Soma is not an exception either!
  • I have not seen too many high-profile corporate execs like Soma interacting with communities, customers, etc of any level with genuine interest & care (the only other person I know of this type is our Cognizant vice-chairman “Laxmi”narayan!)
  • Highly energetic

He shared lots of information about various products that are scheduled to be out (RTM) during 2010 and how they are supported by VS 2010. He also shared us the high-level Windows Mobile roadmap. Soma believes that the .NET 4.0 release will be as significant as the 1.0 release (back in 2002) as it has large number of changes/enhancements. Met other fellow MVPs from Chennai, one of my favorite bloggers Venkat, Moorthy (Director of DPE from Hyderabad) & Stuti (Director of DPE marketing/community outreach from Bangalore).

(with Soma)

(with Stuti & Moorthy)