I am a huge fan of AutoPager add-on of Firefox. It saves a lot of time when browsing paginated websites (such as search engines, online forums, etc.) by automatically pre-loading the next page so that you never have to click Next to view the next page. In short, when you hit a website on Firefox, this add-on checks if that website is auto page-able by checking its repository of sites and if it is fit, you are asked whether you want the AutoPager to kick in. Once it is in action, all you have to do is just keep scrolling down (or up) infinitely without looking bothering about the Next (or Previous) link. Of course, the add-on will insert a sort of page-breaker between pages, just to get a “page” feeler.

The story doesn’t end there! AutoPager has configurations (a.k.a. rules) for hundreds and hundreds of websites to enable auto-paging! Fans around the world have submitted rules for many popular page-able websites to the repository (the add-on imports them automatically for you) for your paging pleasure!!

What if AutoPager doesn’t recognize your favorite website? Not a problem, using its Site Wizard you pick the anchor link (or button) that triggers next page and save it. AutoPager takes care of the rest.

Of late, I was looking for a Chrome browser extension doing the same job and found that the same add-on author has developed what I was looking for. Looks like I terribly overlooked it.

I love JetBrains for their awesome product – ReSharper. I have been using it for quite some time now (thanks to my customer who graciously agreed to buy more licenses of ReSharper) and like it more and more! It is the most comprehensive Visual Studio productivity add-in I’ve ever seen for C# and Visual Basic .NET developers. Code refactoring, code analysis, useful VS code templates and the list goes on (see full feature list here)! Been excited using it at work for long time, I wanted to buy a personal copy for my home box about couple of weeks ago and went to the product licensing page. I was pleasantly surprised by note on that page telling JetBrains is offering single user licenses for ReSharper & dotTrace (a $398.00 value) free for active MVPs!! I got my licenses for both last week – another reason to love JetBrains and ReSharper!!! So, if you are an active MVP, proceed to this page and do the formality!

THANK YOU JETBRAINS for your hearty offer!!!!!!