All right, mine is an open-market (pure Dell factory unlocked, no hacks/workarounds) Dell Venue Pro Windows Phone purchased in India. As excited as others, I thought I would update my device too to the latest greatest Mango RTM version. Since Microsoft didn’t say DVP is not ready for Mango in its International Phone Update site (the US version does say Mango update not available for DVP) and the build number is different for international update (7.1.7720), I believed it would play well and ventured ahead to force update my device. After roughly an hour, every phone update symptom was positive: the device threw a successful update message, Zune showed the new Mango build from my device and the new default wallpaper on the phone was also changed to a mango pile photo. I was so excited and was just a touch away (well, six touches – SIM PIN) from diving into the Mango world!! After a second I touched the first digit, gosh… the DVP restarted itself!! Well, waited for it to come back to the SIM PIN number pad, tried again touching it – well, it restarted again. Thinking I messed up the update, I reverted to previous version via restoring in Zune. After consciously watching for about an hour and made sure the update went into the device well, I again touched the screen – huh, the device pressed itself for restart. Well, even third time was not a charm for me and finally I stayed with the old version itself (7.0.x).

Bottom-line – Dell Venue Pro is not ready for the latest Mango update yet!! It just doesn’t like your touch yet! :-) I do not know if there was any success story yet! Please leave a comment if you know about one!

When Dell said they would support Mango later this Fall, I didn’t realize they literally meant it!

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