Steve JobsThe whole Internet is buzzing with Steve Jobs’ resignation as Apple CEO and the possible effects it might have on Apple and its products. There are people who hate, admire, get inspired and feel hatred about him. But, someone who shaped and revolutionized the digital world with his products not in the seat of CEO doesn’t mean of his company doesn’t mean end of all. In fact, he will continue to be with Apple but might not be in the same capacity and not so close to the team, due to whatever reason and I respect. In my opinion, Apple will continue to amaze the world because Steve has sown the seeds already.

  • It’s not Steve who designed iPhone, iPad, iPod, etc. all by himself but his talented engineers he assembled, motivated and inspired for so long. The core skills he has implanted for decades in Apple makes him the leader.
  • Simplicity & user-centric design: Steve and Jonathan Ives (VP of Design) have created for Apple better than anyone for any company. I would say simplicity is Steve’s signature style. Form-factor and design of today’s many Apple consumer products will tell the success of Steve & Jonathan!
  • Not many have given so much importance to usability as Steve & his team have.
  • The culture of always looking for better things without settling for what they are, that he has infused into the organization and imbibed by many in Apple today will go a long way.
  • Of course, it was not with failure also (Steve is good in accepting failure too)! Apple had some not-so-great products but as everyone else it learned the lessons, recognized the potential and applied both in future vision!
  • In my perspective, Steve is a leader of innovation: from the bare metal lab to consumers’ heart, he has paved way for unique "experience" in everything in between. Innovation is not always about new things, but doing things differently too!
  • With due credit for other companies and individuals, Steve has set the standard for today’s mobile devices, be it a phone or a media player. Not just the devices, the applets on them, developing those applets, bringing them on to devices, advertising and making everyone profit from the whole ecosystem was the result of Steve and his team!

I am always inspired by this man of "innovation for simplicity"! Hats off to Steve!!

One of my favorite bloggers JDM has put down beautiful lessons learned from the unique man Steve Jobs here:


Here are my most favorite ones from JD’s list:

#1 "Beginners don’t have baggage." – When you free of worries, big list of things to do and tough targets to achieve, it really frees you up to think a lot and plan for yourself. As JD says quoting Steve, you can be more creative also!

#4 "Design by committee doesn’t work" – It’s not a matter of assembling a group of experts and asking them to think for the end users would like. Rather ask the users directly with options and ideas! That will in turn make the users “fine tune” what they want and tell you about it! I have also practically seen this with many of the customers. Unless you show/tell them of what a feature or a product will look like, they are clueless. And doing so helps them streamline their thoughts around the “themes” of ideas you have shown.

#6 "Don’t live someone else’s life" – Well said. Many people want to be someone else without looking at their own value and capabilities. Be your own!

#9 "Get out of the way for the moving force" – Be an enabler for your people.

#10 "If they fall in love with the company, everything else takes care of itself" – Make your employees feel passionate about working for your organization and let them feel the value and worth of it. Goes with #9 also.

#22 "What you don’t do defines you as much as what you do" – Doesn’t need much explanation!


Overall, I like all of JD’s. Don’t miss his post and you can also read his excellent book “Getting Results the Agile Way” online here: