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Digging up the dirt on Windows Storage Server 2008 R2 Essentials

Our Tour spokesmodel is treking off into the deep dark jungle, into caves, across mountains, across oceans and all manner of rocky terrain to dig out all of the Windows Storage Server 2008 R2 Essential vendors for you.  Keep an eye out on the SMBMVPTour Youtube channel ( for what she digs out for you.

You just might be surprised by what she’s dug up on this elusive desktop backup and remote access solution.


Join us in Columbus on January 16th!

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We’re starting 2012 in Columbus, Ohio with Tim (no geek left behind) Barrett and Kevin (Mr. HP server guru) Royalty.  January 16, 2012 from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. at the Microsoft Columbus Office at 8800 Lyra Dr. 4th floor!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Here in the USA the holiday is a day of food, football and giving thanks.

The Gnome would like to take this opportunity to say thanks to everyone who has helped to get him around the world, and thanks to everyone who has attended an event.

Cliff Galiher on the SBS Essentials Backup

Cliff Galiher on the SBS Essentials Backup video clip

Recently the tour stopped in Sacramento and met up with Karl Palachuk and Bob Nitrio of the Sacramento IT Pro group.

For those of you in the Hungary, United Kingdom, Belgium and Germany it’s not too late to sign up for events at

Rhode Island, Los Angeles and San Diego are also on the agenda between now and the end of the year. Stay tuned as more tour stops are booked for 2012!

Jessica talks about the logistics of getting HP gear moved around on the Tour

Jessica talks about how the tour uses all sorts of transportation means to get the HP gear from place to place including vans, planes, and even Stagecoach and Pony Express.  Somehow, not sure about the Pony Express part, but for sure the HP gear has been driven and flown around the world.  But if you look behind her on the wall, she accidentally gave out a NDA secret.  The tour is hoping to go in other countries including Asia and South America.  Nothing is firmed up yet, but we’re keeping our fingers crossed and we’re hoping that more locations around the world can be included in the SMBMVPTour stops!

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Secure Remote Access in a Connected SMB World – The Next Generation of Server Solutions

One of the unique things about the tour is that each stop can customized content and lenght of time of the content.

So when Brad Dinerman who heads the National Information Security Group – Boston Chapter asked for customized content regarding SMB security issues, it was no problem.  Off to Boston was sent Amy Babinchak (formerly Firewall guru ISA MVP) and Dana Epp (Enterprise Security MVP) to the Boston venue.

Secure Remote Access in a Connected SMB World – The Next Generation of Server Solutions –  The world is changing. Anywhere, anytime access for small businesses is here to stay. Be it with new on-premise and cloud based hybrid solutions offered by Small Business Server (SBS) Essentials 2011 with Office 365, or extraordinary shared remote desktop solutions with Windows Multipoint Server 2011, our options to deliver the right solution for the right needs has become much easier. But extending such remote access to increase productivity and maintain flexible work environments for staff comes at a cost. We have to learn what risks this may expose, and learn how to mitigate the risk to an acceptable level for each business case. From everything including a rich browser based file access experience for all your corporate data held on a server in Remote Web Access to remote applications capable of running almost anywhere inside and outside of your network, knowing how these solutions have been built and what security risks we should consider can help us to be forewarned, and forearmed. Join the SMB MVP Tour as we explore how Microsoft and HP are delivering interesting new ways to extend business productivity securely inside the corporate network, and from almost anywhere in the cloud. See the latest Windows Server Solution stack from Microsoft running on the latest client and server solutions from HP

You’ll find out about what two factor solutions are available for the SMB space as well as a frank discussion regarding the real risks out here from those that not only protect SMBs but have to protect their own company assets and intellectual property as well.


Connect with the tour!

Jessica our fearless SMBMVPTour newscaster shot a video recently regarding all the ways you can connnect with the SMBMVPtour.  She showcases all the places online you can reach using her HP laptop (And of course she has a HP hot pink laptop)

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Our home page is , but we’re also online on Facebook at, on twitter at and on youtube at

Check out where we’ll be next!

Fabulous in Finland

On behalf of myself, the Gnome, and all of the presenters of the SMBMVPtour, we are all humbled by the outpouring of help and graciousness of the folks that helped to get this part of the European tour organized.  We want to take the time to especially thank some key team members that helped to organize these recent events.

Mikael Nystrom

Mikael Nystrom

Mikael Nystrom was a fantastic host in two Swedish events.

Tero Leskinen

Tero Leskinen

Tero Leskinen from Finland was over the top in his help and support.  Tero even graciously loaned out help from his firm in the form of Antti and Toni.

In addition we’d like to thank Riku Reimaa from Microsoft Finland for his help in getting this event together and for being an excellent host at the Microsoft office (Oy) in Espoo, Finland.   We also had special guests from HP that were from the Finland, Global and Emea teams who took the effort to come to Helsinki and visit with me, the Gnome and interact with the local participants.

It was great to meet folks like Matt Thompson from HP Emea who will be helping with the rest of the European events later this year.

Truly we were blown away by everything that occcured on this Road Show.  Spending days driving in a van might not sound like fun but when you are there with fabulous folks like Caroline Jane Takeuchi, Lucy Ellis and Greg Starks, who have ensured everything ran smoothly and supported Marina Roos, Oliver Sommer and Jeff Middleton (the tour speakers).

A special thanks to the following people….without their help this roadshow would not be possible.

From HP, Greg Starks and Lucy Ellis:
Greg Starks

Greg Starks

Lucy Ellis

Lucy Ellis

And Carolyn Jane Takeuchi from Microsoft:

Carolyn Jane Takeuchi

Carolyn Jane Takeuchi

It’s the roadshow!

What takes one van, adds wireless Internet and 230Volt power converters in order to run up to 8 Laptops at the same time all while traveling! …oh and not to forget the cooler and all that Smartphone charging and Audio cabling to play to backseat MP3 players music to the car stereo?

No, it’s not a Gnomemobile, it’s a Roadshowmobile.

It’s a traveling van that is literally driving between the venues of Sweden and Finland.  First up is Göteborg, Sweden then Stockholm, Sweden and finally ending up in Helsinki, Finland.

You can spot some of the great pictures of the roadshow here and more are coming.

In Göteborg people even showed up from as far away as Norway.  In Stockholm, Marina Roos was greeted by someone from her Dutch homeland.  Both events had more people actually attending than had registered for the event.

Unlike the Australian, Canadian and USA events which have been “airline” shows as most of the speakers have arrived via planes, this time it really is a true ROAD show.  Olli Sommer fixed up his van with everything that a geek would want and then some.

Power converters…. yes, power converters are attached to the van to ensure that everything a geek could need or want on the road would not be overlooked.

Yes, powering 8 laptops and various other geek stuff.  Having representatives from HP (literally) on board has been exciting and educational for all the attendees.

But this would never have occurred without the hard work and dedication of Marina Roos along with help from Mikael Nystrom and Tero Leskinen.  And the European tour has just begun!  Marina reports that the other European events are getting large registration numbers as well.


This is the first time an event of this type, size and organization has been done in Europe widely like this.  Typically Microsoft brings events to the normal locations of the USA and Canada and sometimes even Australia.  But Europe has typically been underserved and not seen an event like this.

Add to that the powerhouse punch of the energy and brains of Caroline Dean-Takeuchi from Microsoft, Lucy Ellis and Greg Starks from HP, and you have a Roadshow team that can’t be beat.

There’s still lots more dates and events of the tour in the future.  Check out where the Gnome and all of his friends will be next!


See you in Vegas!

Jessica has let her hair down and she and the Gnome are ready to party … um I mean learn about SMB solutions at

See you in Vegas!