MVP Tour

Handy Andy Goodman reports:

Handy Andy Goodman reports: SMB MVP Tour to stop in Triad Area of North Carolina Aug 2nd, registration now open for this stop at This event will consist of content developed and presented by Microsoft MVPs from various specialties, presented by our peers going out to do events with grassroots local IT PRO GROUPS […]

Are you a SMB User group leader?

If you are, and if you are on the SBSGroupsleads listserve you got an email from Jeff Middleton kicking off the USA organization for the MVPTour. If you didn’t get that email, make sure you are on that listserve.  If you are a SMBusergroup leader and are not on that listserve…why aren’t you on that […]

Vantug kicks off Canada

Charlie Russel and Dana Epp at the Canadian kick off of the SMB MVP roadshow.  Charlie in particular is a huge fan of Multipoint server.  It’s a ‘turnkey’ solution for Terminal Services/Remote Desktop Services.  It build in from the get go the ability to monitor and control each of the virtual workstations underneath. For more […]

MVPTour sneak peak

[yframe url=’’] Dana Epp in this sneak peak of what is covered in the SMB MVP Tour. Just a little sneak peak of the content that will be covered in each venue.

Ain’t technology grand?

Wayne Small in Live meeting video on the organization meeting for the SMB MVP tour.  They are planning out the Australian leg of the tour.  

The tour will be in Vancouver this week

The SMB MVP tour starts off this week in Vancouver as the first stop.  Charlie Russel and Dana Epp will be the presenters for Canada.  A box of hardware got sent off earlier this week for demo purposes.

Check out the HP hardware

Check out all the HP hardware that was demo’d in Cincinnati  – the first stop on the SMB MVP tour

So where are we off to next?

Eh’ we’re off to Canada first! Thursday, June 16 at BCIT Downtown – Special 4 Hour Event starting at 4:45pm with Charlie Russell and Dana Epp SMB MVP Community Roadshow Sponsored by HP and Microsoft Reg link: We have a great special event for you. Over 70 MVP’s from around the world have got […]