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So where are we off to next?

Eh’ we’re off to Canada first!

Thursday, June 16 at BCIT Downtown – Special 4 Hour Event starting at 4:45pm with Charlie Russell and Dana Epp

SMB MVP Community Roadshow Sponsored by HP and Microsoft

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We have a great special event for you. Over 70 MVP’s from around the world have got together and put a proposal to MS and HP for a special event not previously staged. The aim is to stage the event in over 60 locations around the world and Vancouver/VANTUG is very privileged to have been selected as the first venue. In order to do justice to the opportunity this will not be a typical VANTUG event but a half-day event which will start in the late afternoon and finish late in the evening .

Our special friends Dana Epp and Charlie Russel [aka Fric and Frac] are the MVP’s presenting to VANTUG and have lots of great material and demos for you. Since this tour is somewaht unique and special for MS it is expected that some people from Redmond may be in attendance.

Welcome time: 4:15pm

Start time: 4:45pm

End time: 9:45pm


Join Microsoft MVPs Dana Epp and Charlie Russel as they explore the next generation of server solutions coming out from Microsoft.

Topics include:

• SBS 2011 Standard

• SBS 2011 Essentials

• Windows Storage Server 2008 R2 Essentials

• Windows MultiPoint Server 2011

This won’t be an event you will want to miss. Real world demos will be conducted along with discussion on how to really get the most out of the systems. From migration gotchas to extending the platforms with awesome addons, you will really get a good understanding on how to pick the right solutions.

Venue: room 282/284 BCIT Downtown [555 Seymour Street]

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