MVP Tour

In Australia

Arrived after a long plane trip to Australia.  Looking forward to meeting up with folks in Melbourne on the 1st, then Adelaide on the 3rd,  then Sydney on the 8th, then Brisbane on the 9th, then Perth on the 11th. If you are a SMB user group leader ANYWHERE in the world you can request a […]

Almost ready for Australia

Dean Calvert and Boon Tee are getting ready for the Australian arm of the SMBMVPTour.  Looking forward to seeing everyone in Australia soon! There’s still time to sign up for any of the Australian venues – go to to sign up for a session.            

That sexy HP gear we got

So one of the questions, I, as the SMBMVP tour gnome get asked about a LOT is what are the exact skus for the stuff I’m showcasing on the SMBMVP tour. First off before I go any farther I need to thank the people at HP for their help, support, and great hardware.  In particular my […]

Are you aware that I’ll be in Greensboro North Carolina on August 2nd?

Are you aware that I’ll be in Greensboro North Carolina on August 2nd? Yup right after giving a presentation on August 1st in Melbourne Australia,  I’ll be leap frogging across the world and presenting in Greensboro, North Carolina. Just got word that the event is near capacity.  You snoozed – you loozed.  

MultiPoint server is now on Action pack

So I was doing a bit of research tonight and realized that MultiPoint Server 2011 Premium (aka the domain join version) is now out on the action pack so you can use it for internal business use. You can download it from the Action pack site The significance of this is that you […]

Just got word from Oreilly and Microsoft Press

Just got word from Oreilly and Microsoft Press that they are giving us some coupons for Free Ebooks for the SMBMVPTour. So each venue will be able to raffle off some ebooks to attendees. Some of the book titles that you might want to get in ebook formats are: Windows Small Business Server 2011 Administrator’s […]

August 1st – Melbourne

Here I am tonight on the computer making sure I have everything planned for the first presentation kicking off the Austrailian leg of the tour in Melbourne.  First up on August 1st at the Microsoft office located at Level 5, 4 Freshwater Place, Southbank VIC 3006 is the Australian kick off of the tour. As you can […]

Getting my game on for the road

Here I am getting my laptop ready for the upcoming road tour.   I’m really looking forward to hitting the road soon and talking to partners about the SMB solutions that we have available to us this year.  So far the one that a lot of partners don’t realize is out there is MultiPoint.  I’m […]