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That sexy HP gear we got

So one of the questions, I, as the SMBMVP tour gnome get asked about a LOT is what are the exact skus for the stuff I’m showcasing on the SMBMVP tour.

First off before I go any farther I need to thank the people at HP for their help, support, and great hardware.  In particular my buddy from HP – Greg Starks.  If you don’t know who he is, you should take the time to watch the video from SMBnation where Harry Brelsford interviews Greg.

They really have some nice gear that fit in well with the SMB solutions.

To make it easier to find HP gear, first and foremost you can visit the recap of part numbers for SBS 2011    That page also lists regional details, because as you know, I go worldwide, as does HP.

Many of you have asked how you can add SBS Essentials to the OEM MicroServer  – you know that nice small, green little box that makes a nice first server deployment.  Well the good news is that the OEM operating system versions can be added to it using the Reseller Option Kits  ( ).  Now that MicroServer is perfect for SBS Essentials, but I wouldn’t deploy SBS 2011 Standard on it.  Exchange needs a beefier box.  More on that later.

Here’s the various ways you can get HP OEM SBS with a ProLiant server:

There’s FOUR different ways:

RESELLER OPTION KIT:   Go to your favorite distributor (or disti as we call it in the biz), and add one of the following skus as an option to a ProLiant server (US part number extensions shown):

644250-B21   Windows SBS 2011 Standard, Reseller Option Kit
652442-DN1   Windows SBS 2011 Essentials, Reseller Option Kit
644251-B21  Windows SBS 2011 Premium Add-on, Reseller Option Kit

RESELL (HP FULFILLED): If you are a HP reseller you can order any ML/DL 100 or 300 series ProLiants (not MicroServer) direct from HP using HP Source and Watson tools available through the partner portal, and add
the OEM SBS software either pre-installed or drop-in-box.

DIRECT on HP.COM:  You can configure to order and choose a preinstall or drop in box.

– Start at
– Scroll down and select ML (tower) or DL (Rack) servers
– Navigate to the desired model (should be most ML/DL 100 or 300 series, not MicroServer)
– Click the “Buy Online” red button
– Select the “Configurable Models” tab, then “Customize” on the desired SKU
– You can add SBSe or SBS std to the configuration

HP SMB DIRECT STORE: – you can configure to order or drop in box.

– start at
– select Servers under Small Business area
– select any model except MicroServer
– you can add SBS 2011 Std. (SBS Essentials coming soon)


The three server skus that I, as SMB MVP tour gnome really recommend  are these:

First and foremost the HP ProLiant MicroServer.  I still say it should have been called the MINI Server and then Susan would be buying them like they were no tomorrow and sticking Mini Cooper stickers on them.  But even without the name they are a nice size, green in electrical use, and make for a perfect Essentials starter box.  The sku for that unit is 633724-001. You will need to add some RAM and HD, but rumor has it there will be a sku coming soon with SBS Essentials installed that is ready to go.

Next up is the HP ProLiant ML110 G7 “Solution Ready” Smart buy.    Just add hard drives and SBS.  This one is good for either an entry level SBS 2011 Standard, or an SBS 2011 Essentials system that need higher specs than the MicroServer provides.  The sku is 656766-S01

Lastly is the HP ProLiant ML350 G6 “Solution Ready” Smart buy.  A 2P system loaded with options Perfect for a more intense  SBS 2011 Standard deployment, or a virtualized SBS.  Only need to add drives and SBS and
you are ready to go.   Sku: 656764-S01

Check out the SBS 2011 tab on the support matrix for other options:  (

Bottom line – when you see me roll into your town for a presentation, check out my HP gear!

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