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Here I am in Melbourne, Australia waiting for my turn to get some food at last night’s SMBITPro group tour.  Next up I’ll be making a magical stop in North Carolina where more of my Tour assistants (also known as MVP speakers) will be presenting on my behalf.

Remember because I’m the magical SMBMVP tour gnome I can present around the world all at the same time.

For those of you already signed up for my North Carolina venue, you’ll be entertained and enthralled by Amy Babinchak and Cliff Galiher.

Amy has been SMB partner of the year last year, runs Harbor Computer Services and started the firm of where you can go for help as a consultant on your stickier subjects (like …um… <cough>  migration).

Cliff Galiher is an Active Directory brainiac and also works as a consultant to the consultant for

For those of you that didn’t sign up, there’s not many spaces left.  You might want to email and plead and beg with him to see if he can squeeze you in at the last moment.

Looking forward to seeing folks in North Carolina next.

P.S. check out the other photos from Melbourne here

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