MVP Tour

30 minutes to Auckland

We’re 30 minutes away from starting the Auckland event which is our/my final event downunder.  Then we/I come back to North America before starting events again in Canada and Europe.

I’ve had a great time and had such WONDERFUL times in Australia and New Zealand.  Thank you to all who attended and please, if you have any questions at all, you can tweet them to me or ask in the comment box on the blog.  Of course you can also ask my human “handlers” you’ve seen on the tour.  A big thanks to my downunder handlers of Dean Calvert, Boon Tee and Jeff Middleton.

 Here I am helping out setting up the HP hardware:









And here I am checking out the view of the Yachts.  Maybe tomorrow I’ll see about doing a little sailing…. wonder if they make a life preserver in my size?

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