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We interview the Gnome

We caught up with the SMBMVPTour Gnome taking a break from his tour duties.

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Check out the additional dates here:

And the post about the HP hardware here:

Greeting folks in Perth

Up next in 30 minutes is the Perth SMB MVP Tour.  As you can see I’m at the door ready to greet everyone!

Kicking off Brisbane

…and we’re off!

I just started in Brisbane as you can see!

Don’t forget I’ll be in Perth next on August 11th.

You can sign up for Perth on this web site if you haven’t signed up yet.

After that I’ll be in Auckland  on the 15th!

Next up … Brisbane

I’ll be starting the Brisbane presentation shortly but thought I’d do a quick blog about last night’s presentations in Sydney and show off the photos taken at the event:

Shout out to Geejay Schneeweiss from GJ’s Computer Services for taking the photos and the wonderful hospitality from all the folks in Sydney.

Couple of questions that came up from Sydney that I’ll recap here:  When adding multiple backup locations to SBS 2011, due to a change in the underlying OS and windows backup you have to sometimes ‘trick’ it to accept multiple locations if you need to add a backup device at a later time.

Philip Elder has blogged about this issue and the resolution.


So what’s this all about anyway?

If you just showed up on this blog and don’t know what’s this is all about I’d recommend watching these two videos that says more  in video than I can type about what we’re doing:

Jeff Middleton at WPC talking about the tour

And then Kevin Beares and Dana chatting about it as well:

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Getting around with a little help from my friends






Here I am in Adelaide stepping outside for a breath of fresh air after a wonderful tour stop in the city.

More photos from the Adelaide, Australia and the Greensboro, North Carolina tour stops have been posted on Facebook.

Greensboro has been posted here:

Adelaide here:








As you can see I get around with a little help from my friends.  That’s me and Gramps helping me to not get stepped on in Greensboro.

We have more stops lining up.

Just got word on the following European dates:

October 3 Goteborg (Sweden), October 4 Stockholm (Sweden),  October 7 Helsinki (Finland).

Also right around the corner is Winnipeg on the 24th of August, Chicago on the 28th of August.  Fort Lauderdale on the 7th of September, Tampa on the 8th of September, and September 10th in Toronto.  Look for sign ups on these venues soon on the site.

In the meantime, look for me next August 8th in Sydney.



MultiPoint – not just for Education

Boon Tee is in Adelaide talking about Windows MultiPoint Server.

One thing that came up today in feedback is that people don’t understand that it’s not just for education.

It’s also perfect as a Terminal Server add on for SBS essentials and SBS Standard.

Sean Daniel blogged about it here .

Think of it as a turnkey remote desktop services box that has extra consoles to make it easier to manage and set up.

It can be used in any business, and multiple units can be installed to support up to 20 users per MultiPoint premium server.  The hardware that it can be on is basically overgrown desktop hardware.  Check out Livi’s post on how to get started learning about it.


Mingling in Melbourne










Here I am in Melbourne, Australia waiting for my turn to get some food at last night’s SMBITPro group tour.  Next up I’ll be making a magical stop in North Carolina where more of my Tour assistants (also known as MVP speakers) will be presenting on my behalf.

Remember because I’m the magical SMBMVP tour gnome I can present around the world all at the same time.

For those of you already signed up for my North Carolina venue, you’ll be entertained and enthralled by Amy Babinchak and Cliff Galiher.

Amy has been SMB partner of the year last year, runs Harbor Computer Services and started the firm of where you can go for help as a consultant on your stickier subjects (like …um… <cough>  migration).

Cliff Galiher is an Active Directory brainiac and also works as a consultant to the consultant for

For those of you that didn’t sign up, there’s not many spaces left.  You might want to email and plead and beg with him to see if he can squeeze you in at the last moment.

Looking forward to seeing folks in North Carolina next.

P.S. check out the other photos from Melbourne here

In Australia

Arrived after a long plane trip to Australia.  Looking forward to meeting up with folks in Melbourne on the 1st, then Adelaide on the 3rd,  then Sydney on the 8th, then Brisbane on the 9th, then Perth on the 11th.

If you are a SMB user group leader ANYWHERE in the world you can request a stop in your city by filling out the information on this page:

If you have any issues or questions about signing up ping Andy -at- and he can get you fixed up.




Almost ready for Australia

Dean Calvert and Boon Tee are getting ready for the Australian arm of the SMBMVPTour.  Looking forward to seeing everyone in Australia soon!

There’s still time to sign up for any of the Australian venues – go to to sign up for a session.