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Secure Remote Access in a Connected SMB World – The Next Generation of Server Solutions

One of the unique things about the tour is that each stop can customized content and lenght of time of the content.

So when Brad Dinerman who heads the National Information Security Group – Boston Chapter asked for customized content regarding SMB security issues, it was no problem.  Off to Boston was sent Amy Babinchak (formerly Firewall guru ISA MVP) and Dana Epp (Enterprise Security MVP) to the Boston venue.

Secure Remote Access in a Connected SMB World – The Next Generation of Server Solutions –  The world is changing. Anywhere, anytime access for small businesses is here to stay. Be it with new on-premise and cloud based hybrid solutions offered by Small Business Server (SBS) Essentials 2011 with Office 365, or extraordinary shared remote desktop solutions with Windows Multipoint Server 2011, our options to deliver the right solution for the right needs has become much easier. But extending such remote access to increase productivity and maintain flexible work environments for staff comes at a cost. We have to learn what risks this may expose, and learn how to mitigate the risk to an acceptable level for each business case. From everything including a rich browser based file access experience for all your corporate data held on a server in Remote Web Access to remote applications capable of running almost anywhere inside and outside of your network, knowing how these solutions have been built and what security risks we should consider can help us to be forewarned, and forearmed. Join the SMB MVP Tour as we explore how Microsoft and HP are delivering interesting new ways to extend business productivity securely inside the corporate network, and from almost anywhere in the cloud. See the latest Windows Server Solution stack from Microsoft running on the latest client and server solutions from HP

You’ll find out about what two factor solutions are available for the SMB space as well as a frank discussion regarding the real risks out here from those that not only protect SMBs but have to protect their own company assets and intellectual property as well.


Focusing on RWWGuard

We’re going to focus on a few of the vendors that have already come to the table with plug ins for Home Server, SBS Essentials and Windows Storage Server Essentials R2.  This is one of the plug ins in fact that is being featured on the SMBMVPtour roadshow:

Scorpion Software Blog: Video introduction to RWWGuard 2011:

Thinking your more paranoid clients are a little concerned about remote access?  Take a look at RWWGuard 2011 that ensures that no matter where your clients access that server they can be assured of secure access protected by two factor authentication.  And, more importantly it’s two factor that your users won’t mind as they can use softtokens in cell phones to access the server.  The four digit pin you assign combined with the changing two factor value, means that you can assure your clients of access, and for MSP’s you can assure proper handling of turnover of staff.

Check out RWWGuard and combine it with Authanvil for secure remote access to your assets.