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Running DHCP Server on SBS 2011 Essentials With a Static IP

Running DHCP Server on SBS 2011 Essentials With a Static IP – The Official SBS Blog – Site Home – TechNet Blogs:

This came up on a couple of tour stops.  Here’s the exact how to in order to remove the DHCP server from the router and put it back on the SBS Essentials box.

Focusing on RWWGuard

We’re going to focus on a few of the vendors that have already come to the table with plug ins for Home Server, SBS Essentials and Windows Storage Server Essentials R2.  This is one of the plug ins in fact that is being featured on the SMBMVPtour roadshow:

Scorpion Software Blog: Video introduction to RWWGuard 2011:

Thinking your more paranoid clients are a little concerned about remote access?  Take a look at RWWGuard 2011 that ensures that no matter where your clients access that server they can be assured of secure access protected by two factor authentication.  And, more importantly it’s two factor that your users won’t mind as they can use softtokens in cell phones to access the server.  The four digit pin you assign combined with the changing two factor value, means that you can assure your clients of access, and for MSP’s you can assure proper handling of turnover of staff.

Check out RWWGuard and combine it with Authanvil for secure remote access to your assets.

Rob’s blog on the Windows 7 Professional Pack

Windows 7 Professional Pack : SBS 2011 Essentials Add-in « Title (Required):

Want to know more about the newly released SBS 2011 essentials plug in for group policy?  Check out Robert Pearman’s post.