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Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Here in the USA the holiday is a day of food, football and giving thanks.

The Gnome would like to take this opportunity to say thanks to everyone who has helped to get him around the world, and thanks to everyone who has attended an event.

Bootable usb flash drive

In Redmond for the SMBMVPtour and one of the things that we talked about was how you can build your operating system from a usb flash drive.

The EASIEST tool to use to build a bootable flash drive is this tool:

To build the bootable flash – look to Philip Elder’s step by step instructions on this:

Here in Redmond

Here we are in Redwest E in Redmond for our next stop.


On the train to Seattle


Here we are on Amtrak to Seattle smbmvptour

Now in Portland


Getting ready for tomorrow’s tour stop!

Getting my game on for the road

Here I am getting my laptop ready for the upcoming road tour.


I’m really looking forward to hitting the road soon and talking to partners about the SMB solutions that we have available to us this year.  So far the one that a lot of partners don’t realize is out there is MultiPoint.  I’m tempted to change my hat from a single point to a Multi -point hat (get it?) just to reinforce how cool this platform is for being a turn key remote desktop solution that fits well in the SMB space.

In fact if you plan to be down at the Worldwide partner conference in Los Angeles, Dean Paron, Grand Poobah Uber Dude in charge of MultiPoint will be in the house to showcase how cool this is.

You can find him at the Expo Theater in LA showcasing MultiPoint.

EX15 Solutions in Action at WWPC: Powering Up at The Solution Center’s Hands on Lab, while Powering Down Costs & Equipment
Wednesday, July 13 12:00 PM – 12:30 PM,
Session Type: Expo Theater
Track: Solution Innovation Center
Session Details
Speaker(s): Dean Paron, Group Program Manager, Windows MultiPoint Server
& Arnold Bogaards, Microsoft PinPoint & Amy Pederson, HP

EX22 Serving Education Customers, Expanding Business Opportunities with Windows MultiPoint Server 2011
Thursday, July 14 12:00 PM – 12:30 PM,
Session Type: Expo Theater
Track: Solution Innovation Center
Session Details
Speaker(s): Dean Paron, Group Program Manager, Windows MultiPoint Server and Connie Arentson, CEO Heartland Technologies

Handy Andy Goodman reports:

Handy Andy Goodman reports:

SMB MVP Tour to stop in Triad Area of North Carolina Aug 2nd, registration now open for this stop at

This event will consist of content developed and presented by Microsoft MVPs from various specialties, presented by our peers going out to do events with grassroots local IT PRO GROUPS as the hosts of the events.

SMB Technology Network Triad NC Chapter:

Are you a SMB User group leader?

If you are, and if you are on the SBSGroupsleads listserve you got an email from Jeff Middleton kicking off the USA organization for the MVPTour.

If you didn’t get that email, make sure you are on that listserve.  If you are a SMBusergroup leader and are not on that listserve…why aren’t you on that listserve?

There will be a live meeting tomorrow at 3 p.m to go over registration to get a tour stopping in your area.  If you miss it, don’t worry there’s another one next week.

You can email my personal assistant, Susan at for directions on how to sign up.

Keep a look out, I may be in your neighborhood next!

Sincerely, the SMB MVP tour gnome.

The tour will be in Vancouver this week

The SMB MVP tour starts off this week in Vancouver as the first stop.  Charlie Russel and Dana Epp will be the presenters for Canada.  A box of hardware got sent off earlier this week for demo purposes.