Alive or dead?

Some have asked the question of late… amd I dead or alive?

I cant explain just how busy I have bee in the last 6 months with moves between 3 countries, the UK, the USA and Spain, with now a return back to blighty!
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A general update on stuff!

My new job will have me working 100% on Microsoft Surface projects in New York so I am really looking forward to digging into it. I have had the SDK for a few months now and have really enjoyed it all so far, and as far as I know, the SDK will become public in a few weeks time which will be interesting to see…(read more)

Working with Effects and HLSL

So I hit the trail of trying to understand all that I can about HLSL and Effects in general, and to be honest, the whole subject is a bit like reading a book that you can never get past the first 10 pages without falling asleep… it just goes on and on and on… never really getting to the point. …(read more)

Expression Blend MVP

After a very busy tour of the US, I returned home on Thursday morning and started to try to catch up on various chores I knew had to be dealt with….(read more)