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Accessibility of the Blogging Revolution

Filed under: Accessibility — spiderwebwoman at 6:40 pm on Saturday, March 27, 2004

From Kynn Bartlett‘s presentation at CSUN:

What are the accessibility benefits of blogging?

  1. The largest accessibility benefit of blogging is that it forces a separation of content from presentation (and navigation). Blog posts are composed separately from the page layout and appearance, which are stored in templates.
  2. Another huge benefit is simply the fact that anyone is able to publish to the Web using a blog. The “bar” for Web publishing is lowered once more via the blogging paradigm, without having to learn HTML, CSS, XML, and other Web technologies. This is advantageous for all users, including those with disabilities, as lowered requirements for communication are a good thing. Instead of having to learn how to code a Web page’s layout, a blogger can simply use a default template (and most have decent accessibility) or install a set of accessible templates provided by other users of the same software.

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