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How To Sell Accessibility

Filed under: Accessibility — spiderwebwoman at 6:44 pm on Sunday, April 11, 2004

The Business Case: There are two very good reasons why your client should start to think about Web accessibility:

  1. An accessible Website will make your client money.
  2. An accessible Website will save your client money.

Now, if that doesn’t get his attention, I don’t know what will. Here are eight ways in which accessibility will save or make your client money.

If your customers don’t ‘get’ accessibility, here’s two of the eight ways they will ‘get’ – you can read all eight at Sitepoint.

2. His Website will be compatible with new browsing technologies.

In the near future, PDAs, mobile phones and in-car browsers will all regularly be used to access the Internet. Do you think you client knows that some 58 million PDAs will be sold in 2008 alone?

3. His Website will appear higher in search engine rankings.

By making a Website more accessible to Web users, you also make it more accessible to search engines. Search engines can’t typically understand images, JavaScript, Flash, audio, or video content. Provide alternative content to each of these programs, and search engines will have a better understanding of the purpose of the Website.

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