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My PocketPC is home again, but not for long

Filed under: Gadgets,Toshiba e805 — spiderwebwoman at 4:32 pm on Sunday, May 16, 2004

A few weeks ago, I reported the passing of my Toshiba e805 PocketPC. I returned it Toshiba for repair and got it back on Friday. I set it up and reinstalled ActiveSync on Saturday, and by Saturday night at 10 pm, I had had to ‘soft reset’ it 6 times – it kept locking up while it was sitting in the cradle. Sunday morning, I put it in the cradle, it turned itself on and booted to a white screen, and then told me to tap the screen to set up my PocketPC (I had just done that on Saturday).

This baby is going back to Toshiba as soon as I get them on the phone.

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