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Security for all

Filed under: Microsoft,Security — spiderwebwoman at 10:56 am on Sunday, May 9, 2004

According to a Computer Times article posted on May 5, 2004, both legitimate and unlicensed users of Microsoft’s XP operating system software will be able to download the Service Pack 2 security patch for free Microsoft’s increasing concern over information security has translated into its decision to bite the bullet and make its upcoming SP2 […]

Another FrontPage blog springs to life

Filed under: FrontPage — spiderwebwoman at 4:46 pm on Friday, May 7, 2004

FrontPoint Using Microsoft FrontPage to do amazing things with SharePoint Products and Technologies, brought to you by the folks from the dev/pm/test teams who create FrontPage. We got to meet these folks at the MVP Global Summit last month and I am so excited to see them blogging. They’ve already featured an article on MSDN […]

Murphy’s Law on not patching your PC with Microsoft Security Updates

Filed under: Microsoft,Security — spiderwebwoman at 6:55 am on Tuesday, May 4, 2004

Murphy’s Law states that “If something can go wrong, it will and at the worst possible time“.   Here’s an example: http://msmvps.com/harrywaldron/posts/5872.aspx

Does Microsoft Care About Web Standards?

Filed under: Accessibility,FrontPage,Microsoft,Web Standards — spiderwebwoman at 2:35 pm on Monday, May 3, 2004

Kirk Biglione give some examples and he makes some valid points, such as why Microsoft doesn’t use valid HTML including DOCTYPEs on their site (I’ve often wondered the same thing myself). But seriously, calling a font tag an “atrocity“? A little over the top, don’t you think?  

More on Women in Technology

Filed under: Miscellaneous — spiderwebwoman at 8:07 am on Sunday, May 2, 2004

Julie Lerman is aggregating discussions on Women in Technology When I first started in IT, it was called EDP (Electronic Data Processing) – that should give you an idea of how long ago that was. OK – I’ll confess – it was 1976. I took the standard Programmer Aptitude Test and passed. I remember during […]

Women in Technology

Filed under: Miscellaneous — spiderwebwoman at 4:37 pm on Saturday, May 1, 2004

Interesting readings: Why Technology Needs Women  “So, just as the technology industry’s largest and most successful company merger ever was led by a woman, the cessation of a decades-long rivalry that resulted in some of the least productive and most useless bickering in the technology business was instigated by two women, neither of whom (as […]

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