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Another e805 update

Filed under: Gadgets,Toshiba e805 — spiderwebwoman at 9:05 am on Saturday, June 12, 2004

I got my e805 back yesterday, charged it up, restored from my SD card backup, and synced it up with Outlook. I called Toshiba to find out what they’d done this time – they said “we reprogrammed the unit with new software – the OS”. Not Windows Mobile 2003 SE – he said it wasn’t […]

My e805 is back at Toshiba – again

Filed under: Gadgets,Toshiba e805 — spiderwebwoman at 7:15 am on Friday, June 11, 2004

I put it in my purse and I guess the Record button got bumped and it recorded for about an hour and locked up. Under battery power, I couldn’t turn it off – every time I turned it off, it turned it self back on again. I tried two hard resets (at Toshiba’s recommendation) one […]

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