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Implant surgery update

Filed under: Miscellaneous — spiderwebwoman at 1:27 pm on Saturday, July 24, 2004

You may recall I had oral surgery back in April to have two implants put in. I went back to the oral surgeon/dentist on July 13th for what I thought was a final checkup before I would go back to my own dentist and have the crowns put in.

Not quite.

I knew something was up when the oral surgeon approached me with a Novocaine needle. I asked what it was for – he said he had to numb me to take out the healing screws that he had placed inside the implants – to get to the healing screws he had to punch a small hole in the gum just above it.


The first healing screw came out with no problem.

The second healing screw was a different story. It wouldn’t come out. It was locked in. He used a tool with a ratchet, I think – I heard it but I didn’t see it. The tool didn’t work – as a matter of fact, it broke in my mouth! So now, not only is the healing screw still locked in, but now there is a piece of carbide from the tool sitting on top of it!

I went back this past Tuesday and he tried again for another hour to get out the piece of carbide. Nothing worked – not even diamond drill bits.

At this point, he’s consulted with the company that makes the tool that broke to see what they recommend.

Worst case for me is that I may have to have the surgery done over, only this time it would be two surgeries – one to have the implant taken out, and another to have a new one put in – they can’t do both on the same day.

I am not happy.

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