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Things have changed at Toshiba Technical Support

Filed under: Gadgets,Toshiba e805 — spiderwebwoman at 8:14 pm on Saturday, August 7, 2004

I called Toshiba Technical Support on Monday to report the failure of my replacement e805. The guys I talked to in April, May and June (Mike, Mark, and Peter, the supervisor) don’t appear to be working there anymore.

On Monday a guy named Noman answered my call. I explained to him that the only way to get the unit to respond was to put my fingernail under the piece at the top that says Pocket PC and lift it up. He had me do a soft reset and then a hard reset, to make sure it wasn’t my data that was causing the problem. I left it that way for 24 hours and then turned it on the next day and found it still had the same problem.

On Tuesday, Femi answered the phone. I explained to him that the unit was still unresponsive. He said OK, and then explained that Toshiba’s return/replacement policy has also changed. For one thing, I don’t have to send it back three times to get it repaired before they will replace it. Their replacement policy has changed as well. Instead of shipping me an empty box to send mine back in and then wait for a replacement, they now do advanced replacement. This means that they will send me a new one, and I will return the broken one in the same box. To participate in this however, I have to give them a credit card, against which they will charge the full replacement price if they don’t receive the broken unit back within 10 days. To me, this seems to be a better deal, much better than dealing with all the shipping I did the last time.

The replacement unit arrived Thursday and is working well. I’m keeping my fingers crossed.



   Phyllis Pohl

July 11, 2005 @ 6:04 pm   

We want to program our Toshiba television remote control with our direcTV system, but had no results with the code nos. we were given. Are there other code nos. that might work or what do you suggest?

Appreciate any help offered.


   chaminda jayawardene

October 2, 2005 @ 12:28 am   

i want to TA 8691N Data sheet

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