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Nextel Direct Protect Deductible

Filed under: Miscellaneous — spiderwebwoman at 2:16 pm on Tuesday, August 23, 2005

I submitted a claim today for an I836 that melted when it fell into a Frialator (sp?). The claim process went very well, until they told me there was a $100 deductible. On this page: http://www.nextel.com/en/support/service_repair/direct_protect_ins.shtml and in the downloadable brochure at http://www.nextel.com/assets/pdfs/en/support/guides/services/equipment/direct_protect.pdf the I836 is not on the list of phones with a $100 deductible. They said they were sorry about that, sorry that the web site and the brochure were out of date, nothing they can do, the deductible is still $100.

Any thoughts on whether this is worth pursuing? Has anyone ever had any luck with Nextel in a similar situation?

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   shantay taylor

October 19, 2005 @ 1:47 am   

i realized my phone was missing after work when i needed to call a taxi

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