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Attn: Gemstream Hosting – FrontPage is not at "End-of-Life"

Filed under: FrontPage,FrontPage Server Extensions,Microsoft — spiderwebwoman at 8:26 am on Friday, December 8, 2006

Jim Boykin wrote in October that he’d received an email from Gemstream Hosting with the subject line of “FrontPage End-of-Life“. In the email they said: “Microsoft has discontinued support and future updates for their Linux/Unix-based FrontPage extensions. Changing to a Windows-based hosting server is not an option, as Microsoft is also discontinuing support for Windows extensions as well.”

Can someone let Genstream know that Microsoft is not discontinuing support for the FrontPage Server Extensions on Windows Server 2003? As stated here: http://support.microsoft.com/lifecycle/?p1=3198 mainstream support [for Windows Server 2003] will end two years after the next version of this product is released. Extended support will end five years after mainstream support ends.

I have been told by my contact at Microsoft that the FrontPage Server Extensions for Windows Server 2003 are under the same support lifecycle as Windows 2003 Server itself.

So it would appear to me (depending on when you believe that Longhorn Server will be released) that we have at 3 to 4 more years of mainstream FPSE support for our sites running on Windows Server 2003.

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