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ShelIsrael writes An Open Letter to the Twitter Guys

Filed under: Twitter — spiderwebwoman at 7:30 pm on Friday, January 25, 2008

RE: Fix it before we nix it

Ev/Biz, people are talking. This last “scheduled maintenance schedule for prime time i your prime market, got moved and when you finally did it, the end result was that things were more of a mess than they were before. Tweeters are talking mostly about Twitter and they are not singing praise. Some folks say you should be bought, bring in adult supervisors to manage things or that maybe a circle of friends should go give Pownce a try. I do know of such a case, but I’ll wager that somewhere this week a couple of young entrepreneurs started working on a business plan to replace you.

The complete letter is on Shel’s blog.

I’ve only been on Twitter for about three weeks or so, but it seems to be the most unstable system I’ve ever seen. Either the system takes a break, or you post a Tweet and it goes into the ether, or it goes non-responsive and you end up posting twice.

Hopefully things will clear up soon – Twitter is a great place to meet new peaple  🙂

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