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Chris Bowen’s Blog : The Roadshow Rides Again! – May/June Edition

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The Northeast Roadshow

We’re at it again!  It’s time to pack our laptops and gear to head out across the northeast for our fifth Roadshow!  Only this time, you’re getting three of us for the price of, well, zero – the events are free after all…  Jim O’Neil, our new colleague here in the northeast, is joining Bob and me as we set out to tour various cities, bringing you deep developer and architect content.  And some giveaways as well, of course. 

What’s the Roadshow?

Starting with our first one in March of 2007, the Roadshow is our chance to head out to various parts of the northeast to reach the broader community.  In these free full-day events, we bring you deep technical content including not just the “how to”, but also discussion of why and when you may consider technology and practices.  We’re also hugely entertaining, especially when failing to hit our marks as we throw things into the audience.

Where?  When?


Register today (venue details and links below) – it’s free – and join us for a relaxed day of low-fluff, high-signal content for developers and architects!

Note that some cities consistently hit capacity, so don’t wait to register.

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