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Expression Web Installation Issues: Solutions and Support

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This is a list of Microsoft Knowledge Base articles written to help users with Expression Web Installation Issues, posted to the Expression Web and SuperPreview forums by Will Buffington.

Expression Web 3 crashes during import if the Folder List Panel is closed
Describes an application crash that can occur if you import a file or folder while the Folder List Panel is closed.

Expression Studio 3 applications take an unusually long time to install

Describes a problem where the Expression Web 3 installation takes much longer than normal to install due to a problem in one of the progress notification controls.

Expression Web 3 crashes during setup
Describes a problem that can occur when the Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) Service will not start due to the presence of a file called WBEMCOMN.DLL

“Not a Valid Win32 Application” error trying to install Expression Web 3
Describes a problem trying to install Expression Web 3 when running the setup program from the retail DVD disc.

“Cannot Find DependencyProperty or PropertyInfo for Property named ‘Effect’” error during Expression Web 3 Setup
Describes a problem that can occur during the install of Expression Web 3 due to a corrupted install of the Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 SP1.

Error -2147024873 during installation of Expression Web 2 or Studio 2
Describes a problem that can occur during the install of Expression Web 2 or Studio 2 due to corrupted Office 2007 installation files.

Expression Web 3: Cannot Type Accented Characters
Describes a problem where characters with accent marks typed in Microsoft Expression Web 3 appear without the accent marks.

Transitioning from FrontPage to Expression Web
Describes a white paper published by the Expression Web team published specifically to help FrontPage users transition to Expression Web and the current environment of Web standards. This paper introduces Expression Web and how to work with existing FrontPage web sites in Expression Web.

Online Expression Web training videos
A description of various training videos that will help users get up to speed with Microsoft Expression Web. Videos include creating page layouts using CSS, creating drop down menus, bringing legacy sites up to a standards compliant site and much more.

Computer restarts or blue screens after launching Expression Web 3 on Windows XP
Describes a problem where the computer restarts or blue screens when launching Expression Web 3 after installing on Windows XP with Service Pack 2.

Expression Web 3 crashes while starting up on Windows XP SP3
Describes a problem where Expression Web 3 crashes when launched following a successful installation on Windows XP SP3 due to a folder named “Common” in the install directory.

How to install the Microsoft Expression Development Server
Describes how to install Microsoft Expression Development Server to allow for local testing of ASP.NET and PHP pages.

Description of the Microsoft Expression Web 3 Service Pack 1
Describes the most significant improvements and fixes provided by Expression Web 3 Service Pack 1. As well as where to obtain this service pack.

From: Installation Issues: Solutions and Support, plus an important change to the Expression Web Support email process

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