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Download Microsoft Expression Blend 4 Beta

Filed under: .Net,Expression Blend,Microsoft — spiderwebwoman at 7:49 pm on Monday, March 15, 2010

Microsoft Expression

Earlier today MicrosoftFeed reported that Microsoft unveiled the Expression Blend 4 Beta, and now you can download it from here. Expression Blend 4 Beta enables you to create Silverlight 3 and Silverlight 4 applications for the web, and Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) 3.5 with Service Pack 1 (SP1) and WPF 4 applications for the desktop.

Expression Blend provides support for prototyping, interactivity through behaviors, special Silverlight functionality, and on-the-fly sample data generation. Expression Blend includes new behaviors that are quickly and easily configured. To support the development of line-of-business (LOB) applications, Expression Blend introduces support for the Model-View-ViewModel pattern. Expression Blend 4 Beta also adds support for Silverlight 4, .NET Framework 4 and Visual Studio 2010.

More at: Download Microsoft Expression Blend 4 Beta | MicrosoftFeed

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