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How to get the right answer to the right question

Filed under: FrontPage,Microsoft,MVP Program — spiderwebwoman at 3:32 pm on Monday, April 26, 2010

Ed Hickey has written a great post on his MSDN blog called “How to post effectively in Forums.” It’s about how to get the right answer to the right question. He makes several suggestions on how to frame your question to get the best answer. I would rank Number 3 at the top: “Be descriptive – the more detail you give, the better the chance you have of getting an answer. Include things such as the OS you are using, what version of the product you are using, error messages you might be getting, and exactly what you are trying to do. This is not easy sometimes, as you have all the context of your project in your head 24/7, but we don’t, so help us to help you as much as possible.”

Ed also suggests that “if you know the answer to something you see while waiting for an answer, why not take the ‘next step’ and answer a question yourself?” That’s how I got my start in the newsgroups – I went there looking for answers about Microsoft FrontPage and found that I could answer other people’s questions while I was waiting for mine to be answered.

More at: Ed’s Getting Started Blog : How to post effectively in Forums

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