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How to stop old (deleted) web pages from showing up in a Google Search using Google Custom Search Engine

Filed under: Expression Web,FrontPage,FrontPage Server Extensions,Google,SEO — spiderwebwoman at 12:44 pm on Monday, April 21, 2014

Using Microsoft Expression Web, I recently redesigned my web site to remove its reliance on the FrontPage Server Extensions and the FrontPage Search Component.

Removing the FrontPage Search Component meant finding a replacement – I chose Google’s Custom Search Engine – $100 gets you 20,000 search queries a year. It was very easy to implement on my site – create an account with Google, grab the code that verifies you own the site, and you’re good to go. I actually did this on the old site before I started the redesign.

Removing the dependence on the FrontPage Server Extensions meant, among other things, changing the filename extension on any .asp page to .htm. I did this as part of the site redesign.

Once the redesigned site was launched, however, I found that the renamed and/or deleted pages with the .asp extension were still showing up in the search results on my site. Fortunately, Google makes it very easy to fix that. Go to the "sites" link in the Control Panel of your Custom Search. On the "Basics" page, under Sites to search, click "Advanced" and under "Excluded Sites" add the URLs of the pages you want removed from the index. You can exclude individual pages, or exclude sites in bulk, one per line.

The great thing about this feature? It takes effect immediately.

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