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SIM Card not detected on your HTC DROID DNA? Try getting a new SIM card from Verizon

Filed under: Android,Gadgets,HTC,HTC Droid DNA,Security,SIM Card not detected,Verizon — spiderwebwoman at 9:46 am on Monday, January 6, 2014

Over the last year I’ve gotten the “SIM Card not detected” error message on my HTC DROID DNA a number of times. I would try one or more of the first 3 solutions I found on the Internet which I listed in my post in February 2013. Recently it started happening too often and those […]

HTC DROID DNA – SIM card not detected issue – what fixed it for me

Filed under: Android,Gadgets,HTC Droid DNA,SIM Card not detected,Verizon — spiderwebwoman at 1:03 pm on Monday, February 11, 2013

I’ve been using the HTC DROID DNA since mid-November and today I experienced for the first time the dreaded “SIM Card not detected” issue. Actually, I didn’t know it was a dreaded issue until I Googled for “DROID DNA SIM card not detected”. I found a number of threads in different forums about it. The […]

Windows Update-like service coming to Windows Phone 7 Series

Filed under: Gadgets,Microsoft,Windows Mobile,Windows Phone 7 — spiderwebwoman at 7:29 pm on Monday, March 15, 2010

In a meeting today with Todd Brix, Senior Director for Windows Phone Product Management at Microsoft MIX10 he revealed that Microsoft will be delivering a Windows Update-like service for all Windows Phone 7 Series phones. As many Windows Mobile users would agree in saying, “about time”. I couldn’t agree more. More at: Windows Update-like service […]

Sprint and GetJar announce partnership to bring thousands of apps to more mobile phones

Filed under: Gadgets,GetJar,Palm Treo Pro,Sprint,Windows Mobile — spiderwebwoman at 2:23 pm on Thursday, February 11, 2010

Sprint has a new partnership with GetJar, the world’s second largest app store. GetJar’s catalog of more than 60,000 free applications now are available to all Sprint customers with feature phones such as the LG Rumor, Samsung Reclaim and the Sanyo 2700. Sprint customers with RIM BlackBerry and Windows Mobile devices also have access to […]

New version of Facebook for Windows Mobile released

Filed under: Facebook,Gadgets,OpnMarket,Social Networking,Windows Mobile — spiderwebwoman at 6:54 am on Thursday, February 11, 2010

A new version of the official Facebook app for Windows phones has been released on OpnMarket. This latest version brings the ability to Like/dislike, comment, view comments, notifications and search functionality to Windows phones running Windows Mobile OS. What’s new in Facebook 1.1 for Windows phones: – Hopefully some bugfixes and improved speed – […]

How to install the latest version of the Microsoft .net compact framework on your Windows Mobile Device

Filed under: .Net,Gadgets,Microsoft,Palm Treo Pro,Windows Mobile — spiderwebwoman at 5:59 pm on Friday, February 5, 2010

I recently got a new Palm Treo Pro from Sprint and of course I’m having fun installing applications on it. So far I’ve installed the Windows Marketplace for Mobile and OpnMarket for Windows Mobile (all their apps are free). I’ve also started hearing about Microsoft Tag and downloaded Microsoft Tag Reader to start figuring out […]

Add USB to your wall outlets – No Hacking Needed!

Filed under: Gadgets — spiderwebwoman at 8:54 pm on Saturday, December 5, 2009

    Now this is cool. The TruePower UCS power outlet is available for pre-order from FastMac for $10 a pop, the outlet is not only easier than building your own, but it’s as cheap or even cheaper and doesn’t displace the AC outlets. Just swap the outlet and you’ve got two USB power ports […]

Facebook Mobile from Microsoft – how it’s the same as and different from the desktop version

Filed under: Facebook,Gadgets,Microsoft,Windows Mobile — spiderwebwoman at 8:39 am on Friday, May 8, 2009

I just found this great post at MobilityMinded that walks you through the desktop version of Facebook and then the Microsoft Mobile Facebook application that shows you what’s the same and what’s different. I installed it last night and have found a couple differences so far: when you click on a friend’s status update, there’s no option […]

Finally! A Facebook Application for your Windows Mobile 6 phone!

Filed under: Facebook,Gadgets,Microsoft,Windows Mobile — spiderwebwoman at 5:24 pm on Thursday, May 7, 2009

New from Windows Mobile: a Facebook application for your phone! Download the new Facebook application for Windows Mobile and: Send messages to any of the people in your Friends list. Take pictures and videos on your phone, then upload them right to Facebook. Send messages or call people in your Friends list. Manage your profile […]

Why won’t Facebook Mobile save my password?

Filed under: Facebook,Gadgets,HTC,HTC Mogul,Social Networking,Windows Mobile — spiderwebwoman at 8:08 am on Friday, March 20, 2009

I started using Facebook Mobile on my HTC Mogul (WM 6.1) last summer and it worked fine. It saved my email address and password – all I had to do was use the link in my Favorites and I was logged in. Over the last few months, more often than not, I had to enter […]

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