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Windows Phone 8 will support removable MicroSD cards

Filed under: Microsoft,Windows Phone 7,Windows Phone 8 — spiderwebwoman at 1:22 pm on Tuesday, September 25, 2012

This time last year, I wrote about two mobile phone features that were “must haves” for me in my next phone: the ability to sync directly to Outlook on my desktop and an SD card expansion slot. The lack of these two features in Windows Phone 7 is what led me to buy an Android […]

Uservoice site now open for Windows Phone Customer Feedback

Filed under: Android,Microsoft,Verizon,Windows Mobile,Windows Phone 7 — spiderwebwoman at 10:11 am on Thursday, September 29, 2011

Microsoft wants to understand how customers use Windows Phone and wants your feedback, so, they have created the Windows Phone Feature Suggestion Box at the Uservoice web site. You can search for ideas that other customers have posted, vote them up, and post your own comments. You can also submit your own suggestions and feedback. There […]

Mozilla ends development of Firefox for Windows Mobile

Filed under: Firefox,Windows Mobile,Windows Phone 7 — spiderwebwoman at 12:18 pm on Tuesday, March 23, 2010

From: Stopping Development for Windows Mobile « blog.pavlov.net “We have been building a version of Firefox for Windows Mobile for quite a while, with the expectation that Microsoft would be doubling down in the mobile market and hoping that they would put out a great new mobile operating system.  We’ve been following the Windows Phone […]

Windows Update-like service coming to Windows Phone 7 Series

Filed under: Gadgets,Microsoft,Windows Mobile,Windows Phone 7 — spiderwebwoman at 7:29 pm on Monday, March 15, 2010

In a meeting today with Todd Brix, Senior Director for Windows Phone Product Management at Microsoft MIX10 he revealed that Microsoft will be delivering a Windows Update-like service for all Windows Phone 7 Series phones. As many Windows Mobile users would agree in saying, “about time”. I couldn’t agree more. More at: Windows Update-like service […]