DataTierGenerator – Enterprise Library Edition

Hi people, i want to share an GPL Open Source Project for generating data access layers. DataTierGenerator – Enterprise Library Edition is a windowdsforms application that generates your data access layer based on a SQL Server 2000 database and implements the Data Access Application Block of Enterprise Library. All the history about this exiting project it’s here and is in spanish, hope you can understand.

Error IOCTL Call in MUVO TX

If for any reason you have this error “File System Error” or “Error IOCTL Call“ in your MUVO TX and you don’t know hot to solve this problem, here is the solution. Just download from the Creative Web Site the NOMAD MuVo TX Audible Firmware Upgrade 1.10.05. With this software you can format your device with FAT32 and also apdate the Firmware version, fix some bugs and get new features.